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Investigative Services

GreenRig Solutions offers a range of covert surveillance services that allow you to learn all the facts you need to make informed decisions regarding difficult situations you may find yourself in…

  • Security Assessments and Advice
  • Penetration testing
  • Test Purchases
  • People tracing
  • Process serving

Confidentiality and transparency are at the core of all our operations, with our innovative approach we deliver comprehensive and legally admissible results. Our clients get the benefits of highly trained and experienced operatives with decades of knowledge in Investigations and Security operations.

We deploy a series of tactics and methodology, designed to adapt to individual circumstances in order to obtain the best evidence possible. Video and photographic evidence will be in a readily usable format complete with date and time stamp.

As the client you will receive a DVD showing the relevant footage and a comprehensive report outlining the background of the subject and a log of the surveillance deployments and observations. We offer a tailor-made service, one which suits your needs. We understand the complex issues facing clients in delicate situations and pride ourselves on out discretion and professionalism.